“We lost a gem” RIP Sir

Hello everyone !! Hola !! I am not a blogger who picks up a topic and starts sharing my views on it.

But today I chose this name just to recall what this man has given to us and talk about some of the interesting facts.

Ah!! So the name is “STEPHEN HAWKING”

Isnt that interesting ? However we will consider it as a coincidence.

Lets hear some of his quotes ! Nah! That must be ‘see’.

So no one is perfect ,right ? So the quote is perfect !

Now who are losers ? He explains it well

Ah ! This man ! He was genious and was called Einstein in school !

He suffered from “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” ! But contributed a lot to the world ! No need to discuss his achievements but Black Hole being one of his most favourite topics !

Stephen was mediocre in studying at earlier stage in school and started to learn and write at the age of 8. He didn’t like biology ! (This must have made your day)


Thank you !!!!

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